A hobby is something that brightens up your life. It makes your life more interesting and fun. Many people nowadays like making friendship bracelets and presenting them to people they love, so I decided to create a site that would help you spend your time enjoying making different kinds of bracelets. Originally this site is in Russian, but I thought it would be a good idea to translate it into English so it could be more helpful. In Russian a friendship bracelet is called fenechka, the plural is fenechki. That’s why the site is called that way. The number “4” in Russian is called chetyre, so, this number in the site’s name fene4ki represents the sound “ch”.

You are also welcome to our new site FrendBird.net dedicated to the exchange of friendship bracelets and handicraft ideas with the whole world. Share your bracelets with the world as symbols of friendship and peace! :)

Friendship Bracelet Exchange
Latest News:
19.09.12 Added a braid tutorial page
07.09.12 Make kumihimo patterns in our Kumihimo Pattern Maker Program
06.09.12 Some Creative Kumihimo Ideas
02.09.12 Added a Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorial
29.08.12 Let's make a Name Bracelet!
28.08.12 Added various Theme Patterns. Check out some Halloween, Anime and Animal bracelet patterns
26.08.12 Added an Alpha Bracelet Tutorial
23.08.12 How to extend short strings
20.08.12 Basic knots for making friendship bracelets