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Making Friendship Bracelets. The History of Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets symbolize friendship between people, so close friends can present each other with such bracelets. They are handmade and embroidery floss is usually used to make them. There are a lot of different patterns and styles of knotting friendship bracelets. They are made with macramé knots. Friendship bracelets are unisex.

Originally, the knotting technique was invented by Indians in North, Central and South America. According to the local custom, the one to whom the bracelet is presented shouldn’t take it off until it wears off by itself. The friend who makes the bracelet puts his love into doing it and the one who receives the bracelet should be thankful for the love and hard work of the friend. If a bracelet is taken off before it wears off by itself – it means the friendship has ended.

Later on this custom appeared among hippies in America. After exchanging friendship bracelets the hippies became brothers.

Nowadays friendship bracelets can be worn just like jewelry without any meaning to it. However, they can also symbolize something, for example, musical likings. The colors on the bracelet can symbolize something as well.

You can take a look at the basic knots and how to read patterns here

Making Friendship Bracelets. Friendship Bracelets. Bracelet Patterns. How to make bracelets
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